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University Name : Brainware University
Address: 398, Ramkrishnapur Road,
State: West Bengal
Event Details
Event Details
Event Name : Guest Lectures by eminent Jurists
Date: From: 26/11/2019 To:26/11/2019
Venue: Brainware University
No of participants: 25
No of Resource Persons: 1
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The School of Law, Brainware University organised ‘National Constitution Day’ or the ‘Rashtriya Sanvidhan Divas’ on 26th November, 2019. The programme was conducted in accordance with UGC norms. The auspicious event started with the singing of the National Anthem by students and faculty members. The program was presided over by Respected Pro-Vice Chancellor, Subhasish Banerjee who graced the event. The program started with the reading of the Preamble of the Constitution of India by respected Pro-Vice Chancellor, Subhasish Banerjee in English and Ms. Anandita Das, Assistant Registrar, in Hindi. A live airing of the National Commemoration function of Constitution Day, by Hon’ble President, Vice President and Prime Minister, was done for the viewing of the faculty and students. Assistant Professor Amrita Das Gupta gave an introductory speech on the relevance of The Constitution and the whole process in which it was adopted. Next, the students of the BBA LLB branch of the School of Law, Mridyutpal Bhattacharyya and Sayan Ghoshal performed a short drama: “Terrorism: The Vice seeping in through Borders”. The drama showcased a very vivid portrayal of the trial and interrogation scene from the infamous case of Ajmal Kasab. The Head of the Department of School of Law, Dr. Kaushik Banerjee enlightened the students with his words on the practical relevance of the Indian Constitution in the present day. He further discussed the basic structure of the Constitution by talking about the Preamble. Next up, was a presentation by the faculty members of the Law Department who paid tribute to the freedom fighters of India and culturally and symbolically put up a performance stressing on the importance of unity and integrity of the nation. The programme ended with a concluding note by Dr. Kabita Chakraborty, Associate Professor, School of Law, Brainware University.
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